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    Matters to be noticed in the handling of large equipment

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    1. It is required that the construction organization should control the lifting operation process effectively so that it is always under controlled conditions, so that the lifting service provided by the organization is in conformity with the requirements of relevant regulations or technical standards and meets the needs of the customer. The construction organization should fully identify and master the conditions of the project environment, and ensure that the personnel, equipment, materials and process methods of the whole construction work are in accordance with the requirements of occupational health and safety assurance and quality assurance.

    Two. The safety director of the operator, the crane driver and the conductor of the SSO must pass the national special qualification certification, and must be qualified by the group special qualification grade assessment and the field practice examination.

    Three. The equipment, equipment, or equipment must be used in accordance with national technical standards, from high and strict verification, such as car crane, truck crane, mobile forklift, manual forklift, hoist and so on.